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There are so many fantastic books on my annotated bibliography! I handpicked every one of these books and I know your child will love them. There are so many different categories so feel free to explore.



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I recently finished and author study on Jan Brett. She is an amazing and inspiring woman who writes and illustrates books. Jan takes learning and reading to a whole new level. You can locate more information about her on the right of the website under pages! Jan Brett has many books about animals, folk tales (The Gingerbread Boy, Goldilocks and the Three Bears) and likes her life experience and puts it into illustrations.




 Some of my favorite Jan Brett’s Books include:

Gingerbread Baby (1999)

On Noah’s Ark (2003)

Annie and the Wild Animals (1985)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (1987)  



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My name is Michelle Weiss and my world is full of books, adventure, and learning new things. When I was a child I loved to read picture books and play make pretend with the fairy tale stories like Cinderella and the Three Little Pigs. My mom was a teacher when I was growing up and she still is now so she helped me with my reading and introduced me to many books and learning strategies. I did not like reading in middle school or high school but now I love to read all types of books. On this website I will have great books that I recommend for learning readers and a list of strategies that you can do at home! I am excited to be a teacher and I am here to help make every child’s learning process fun and enjoyable!

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